Barriers by ZABAG


Versatile and efficient access control

Barrier systems are an adequate and affordable means of increasing your level of security. They greatly simplify the process of controlling access for cars and trucks.

ZABAG barriers set themselves apart through their superior functionality and durability.

Barriers, whether operated manually or electrically, prevent unauthorised vehicular access to premises in various fields of application.
Gate barrier TSZ - ZABAG SECURITY ENGINEERING | Security Systems
TSZ 35 gate barrier Arm length up to 4.0 m
TSZ 60 gate barrier Arm length up to 6.0 m
TSZ 90 gate barrier Arm length up to 10.0 m

Technical details

Electric drive: Sturdy, hot-dip galvanised section steel frame with steel sheet casing and lockable top cover (galvanised and powder-coated). Optional pendulum support or end rest for the barrier arm.
Manual drive: Main support made of steel, hot-dip galvanised with optional powder coating. Standard delivery includes end rest, with option of pendulum support for arms up to 6.00 m in length, lock with profile cylinder, triangle lock or padlock.