Separation Systems by ZABAG


Dependable person separation in a number of individual equipment variants

Controlled access to properties and buildings is becoming an increasingly important part of security systems. Biometric identification, pedestrian flow control and targeted refusal of access have become necessary in many facility areas.

Turnstile systems offer the ideal solution in this regard. Used in combination with modern access control systems, they are practically impossible to bypass and provide protection without expensive personnel costs.

Turnstile systems with manual or electric controls can be used in a variety of applications. Whether they are used in industry, power plants or sports venues, they always offer dependable access control. Other options include special designs for pushchairs, wheelchairs and the like.

Turnstiles can be operated manually or via a special safety drive.

Versions and features

ZENTRA E - Electric motor with servo-position drive


- With electromagnetic locking mechanism


- Manual operation with mechanical non-return device
- Manual operation with mechanical non-return device, suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs
Rotor fender angle 3 x 120° or 4 x 90°
Total width 1.570 mm (single turnstile)
Total height 2.270 mm
Clear entry height 2.060 mm
Stainless steel rotors hairpin arms Ø 27 mm or straight arms Ø 42 mm
Rotor diameter 1.300 mm (standard)
Control unit programmable logic control
Guide wing infill 30 x 20 mm vertical bars @ max. 120 mm distance

Turnstiles in accdordance RC 2

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Resistance Class 2

High securities and sensitive areas do often demand special security precautions. The resistance against forcible intrusion is one of those special requirements.
Products manufactured and supplied by ZABAG are available with appropriate arrangements by design to withstand effectively an attack.

ZABAG hubs are tested and classified according to DIN EN 1627:2011-9 ff by Prüfzentrum für Bauelemente in Rosenheim.

ZABAG turnstiles Type Zentra EH-120-RS and Zentra X are tested and DIN-certified in accordance to DIN EN 1627:2011-99ff. To comply with this RC 2 demands, several mechanical reinforcements have been done on the rotor and head of these turnstiles.
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Supplementary items

  • Complete turnstile manufactured from electro-polished stainless steel
  • Rotors with diameters between 1.15 and 3.00 metres
  • Special infill for guide wings
  • Simple roof for weather protection
  • Arched polycarbonate roof
  • Extended flat roof canopies
  • Walkway lighting
  • Mounting plates and/or lockable cabinets for card readers, intercoms, control panels etc
  • Additional door “VERSO“ for wheelchair and bicycle access