Accessories for Security Systems by Zabag

Control columns

Car / truck control columns

Modern car park management systems are nowadays an integral part of everyday life. It is possible to protect entrance and exit by means of latest technology. Vertical and control columns by ZABAG also offer diverse possibilities and additional options. Variety in design and technology can be combined on a modular basis.

Depending on the kind of vehicle entering the car park, the columns are fabricated in two sizes. Adjusted to vehicle size, car and truck drivers can operate the column from the inside of their vehicle without any difficulty. Quick and smooth access is always guaranteed

ZABAG control columns complete your gate or barrier system regarding functionality. In order to meet your needs as best as possible, we offer six different designs.

In order to make assembly easier and less cost-intensive, we deliver our columns for bolting in place.

  • For integrating control elements such as card readers or intercoms
  • Sturdy casing with lockable service panels
  • Optional custom dimensions for special applications
  • Integrated mounting plate
  • Removable control panel
  • Optional preparation of service doors for profile cylinder locks




SP 1-cars:
W 140 x D 140 x H 1.100 mm
SP 2-cars and trucks:
W 140 x D 140 x H 2.100 mm

BS 11-cars:
W 305 x D 275 x H 1.230mm
BS 21-cars and trucks:
W 305 x D 275 x H 2.430 mm
BS 31-vans:
W 305 x D 275 x H 1.805 mm

control column BS 21 and BS 11

Additional features

  • Intercom/bell system
  • Fingerprint access control
  • Code keyboard
  • CCTV
  • Engraving with or without backlighting
  • Control panel lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Screen prints like logos and signs
  • Touchscreen application for access control systems
  • Integrated collecting box for card withdrawal reader or manual card return
  • Coin validator