Certified High Security Bollards

Certified High Security Bollard

Bollard Z-HSP 500

ZABAG`s High Security Bollards are suitable to protect people in extremely sensitive areas, shopping streets and public places.

Recent tragic events show, that the high requirements to the bollards must be assimilated to the possible hazards – and even one step beyond. Therefore we have developed a bollard, that meets the highest technical requirements.

ZABAG`s Bollard Z-HSP 500 successfully passed the Crash-Test with a 24t truck at 48 km/h without a problem and still was operational after the crash. This complies with an equivalent load of 1067 KN (certificate according to  IWA14-1:2013, N3E, 48 km/h).

The high security bollard is especially suitable to protect people in extremely sensitive areas such as:
  • government and industry buildings
  • embassies
  • research centres
  • correctional facilities and airports
  • as well as in much frequented pedestrian zones
- everywhere there where it is important to successfully protect persons against possible dangers.


The ZABAG bollard Z-HSP 500 is certified according to IWA14-1:2013, N3E, 48 km/h.

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