References - security solutions

Embassy in Africa

Specific need: Delivery and installation of a K12-rated crash-resistant gate

Solution: Our TERRA sliding gate – reinforced, structurally verified according to K12, Dimensions 4,6 m x 3,0 m

Embassy in Turkey

Specific need: Dependable means of securing the embassy premises, including a double gate system and controlled pedestrian access

Solution: Two KOMBI sliding gates, two ZENTRA turnstiles and fence

Airport in Austria

Specific need: TAXI WAY gate – 50 m clear opening with 1% cross slope, 25 m central opening with no tracks, due to aircraft landing gear

Solution: Two opposing 25 m x 2 m TERRA gates, with the forward roller of each gate set back 12.5 m to create a 25 m track-free central opening

Nuclear power plant in Sweden

Specific need: Turnstiles resistant to the aggressive coastal atmosphere, with mandatory confirmation of passage and tamper switches

Solution: ZENTRA E fully stainless steel turnstiles, electrolytically polished

Psychiatric hospital in Sweden

Specific need: Crash-resistant bi-fold gates rated DOS K8/PAS 68

Solution: MAPO FGZ single leaf with crash box and motor locks

Embassy in Sweden

Specific need: Massive fences, gates, doors and double gate system consisting of crash-resistant sliding gates needed to secure the embassy premises

Solution: Our KOMBI and MAPO products, as well as vertical bar fencing - stake fences, doors and gates according to plan specifications, crash-resistant sliding gates in a double gate system and PLC controls

Energy company in Sweden

Specific need: Sliding gates and doors, strung with current-carrying wires to protect against climbing

Solution: KOMBI hot-dip galvanised sliding gate prepared with sockets and plug connections for current-carrying monitoring wires

Port premises in Denmark

Specific need: Manufacture of an adequately large bi-fold gate, as a sliding gate solution was not possible here

Solution: Our MAPO FGZ 14 m x 1.8 m bi-fold gate, hot-dip galvanised

Police station in Denmark

Specific need: The security system was to be 3 m tall, dependable and fast. There is no lateral space for a sliding gate

Solution: Our MAPO FGZ double leaf 4.5 m x 3 m bi-fold gate with an opening and closing time of about 5 seconds, and a 1.2 m x 3 m door

Data centre in Ireland

Specific need: 20 m opposing gate system, rated crash resistant in accordance with PAS 68

Solution: Two TERRA 10 m x 2 m crash-resistant gates with motor locks

Pilgrimage site in Saudi Arabia

Specific need: Very little space for sliding, ground level sunken tracks to prevent pilgrims from tripping

Solution: 7-piece hanging TERRA TZ telescopic gate

Industrial customer in Switzerland

Specific need: 18 m sliding gate, preferably without tracks, with second hold position

Solution: 18 m KOMBI with partial opening capability, drive-over pad for strain relief

Pharmaceutical company in Germany

Specific need: 10 m driveway, but no sliding space for a sliding gate and no swivel space for a 10 m swing gate

Solution: Special gate - sliding/swinging combination with 1 m partial opening for pedestrian access

Porsche logistics centre in Germany

Specific need: The challenge was to provide dependable and cantilevered closure of a 21 m driveway with a cross slope in the direction of closure, while also adequately minimising the retraction space

Solution: 21 m KOMBI TZ cantilevered telescopic sliding gate with 2 % slope

Volkswagen AG in Germany

Specific need: New car double gate system with a gate at the outer perimeter, quick passage times; outer gate should be crash resistant

Solution: Double gate system consisting of MAPO FGZ 5 m x 2.5 m bi-fold gates, Siemens S7 300 PLC control with tamper alarms and fault alarms. The gate is designed to be crash resistant for 3.5 t at 30 km/h. The motor lock is switched on outside of operating hours only, in order to optimise passage times during operating hours

Lidl logistics centre in Germany

Specific need: Increased protection against forcible entry at pedestrian turnstile

Solution: ZENTRA E turnstile reinforced in accordance with WK 2

Airport in Germany

Specific need: Partially sloped terrain, swing and sliding gates, special panels, electronic monitoring

Solution: KOMBI sliding gate with monitored panels and cantilevers as well as manual swing gates