Corporate and social responsibility

Our employees are our company. For that reason, we foster an environment in which personal achievements and talents are recognised, versatility is appreciated and a balance can be maintained between a person's work and personal life.

ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH is a company that is committed to its home region and finds value in supporting social projects.

Corporate and social responsibility in the region

  • Sponsoring the volunteer fire service
  • Sponsoring the Zschopau Volleyball Club
  • Sponsoring Offene Herzen - Open Hearts e. V. 
    - building a hospital in Kenya
  • Supporting victims of the 2013 floods
  • Supporting the Enduro Sports – KTM Sturm team
  • Supporting Enduro rider Marcus Kehr
  • Supporting the dance group JUMPCREW Borstendorf
  • Protecting monuments and nature:
    • Supporting the maintenance of hiking paths, signage, etc.
  • Volunteering:
    • Mr. Simon is a Member of the Zschopau Lions Club

Supporting regional pre-schools and primary schools

Children are the FUTURE – under this guiding principle, ZABAG regularly supports the pre-schools and primary schools that are attended by our employees' children.

Cooperating with educational institutions

Promoting the education of young people is particularly important to us. ZABAG cooperates with the secondary school in Lengefeld in pursuing the goal of providing pupils with extracurricular practical experience in the world of work and business. This involves open days as well as internship and apprenticeship positions.

Creating jobs in the region

As a result of our steady growth and site expansion, we have become an important employer in the region, and we enjoy providing local workers with good, secure jobs, close to home. This is one of the many reasons why we were given the Wachstumspreis 2013 growth award – for strengthening the business location.

Genial Sozial

ZABAG provides annual support for the "Genial Sozial" action day. On this day, motivated pupils trade school desks for a day spent in the workplace. They thus commit themselves to improving the educational and life opportunities of young people in poor countries.

ZABAG donates the money earned to the "Genial Sozial" organisation to support social projects.