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mobile bollards

portable blockers

New attack scenarios of international terrorism as well as lonely wolf assassins needs considerable answers, to protect human beings on public areas and during events. Often these events are only held temporarily, for example Christmas markets during the Christmas period only. ZABAG Mobile Bollards is the answer. They can be used repeatedly and aligned to the size of the event and the local conditions.

To face this new challenge, ZABAG´s research and development department invented the portable bollards made from steel, which are adjustable in length by a bolt and plug connection and create safe areas as they can stop vehicles trying to break through. 


  • Vehicles will be stopped effectively
  • Vehicles will be disabled to create a barrier for a 2.nd attack
  • Pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and even wheelchairs can easily pass the system
  • Individual layout and the possibility to integrate local conditions
  • can be used repeatedly
  • Space saving storage

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Martin Burgdorf
Martin Burgdorf
Mobile: +49 173 398 933 2
mobile bollard
Pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and even wheelchairs can easily pass these system. That means that visitors can get easy access, and probably even more important also get free exit – everywhere to and from the secured area. Vehicles will be destroyed on the attempt to break through and will be left disabled, to create a barrier for a second attack.

Local conditions, like existing trees, poles or fixed bollards can integrated and connected with steel ropes to the mobile bollards to increase the strength of the whole system.The resistibility of the system with connected bollards – could be made endless – will increase with the number of connected bollards.
Compared with concrete systems, these steel bollards will bring another advantage. On attacks with explosives, there will be no concrete fragments or slivers flying around which may cause some injuries. 

The resistibility could easily increase by using concrete weights underneath the bottom cover plate and/or earth pegs, app. 1 m deep in the ground.


modular system

The bollards, base construction and cover sheet steel are made from high-strength steel and designed for single, separate and space saving storage.
Zabag 3Plus corrosion protection is applied to all steel parts of the system.
The layout of the system can be adjusted to the local circumstances to create the required guard line or ring.
1 module consists of:
  • Base construction ( app. 350 Kg)
  • Bollard (app. 250 Kg)
  • Cover sheet steel (app. 130 Kg) 

Any RAL Colour is available. Individual bollards can be coated in a signal colour to stand out.

technical details

3Plus corrosion

All steel parts are shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, powder primed and then powder coated. This special finish ensures high resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet lights, scratches, chemicals or oil.

Blocking height
1000 mm (different height on request)
Connecting material
0°, 15°, 30° and 45°

- steel rope anchoring between the modules
- earth pegs
- LED-lights