Service, Service, Service

24 hour service & service hotline

You can reach our team by calling the hotline on

+49 1805 / 922243

24 hours a day!

(0.14 euro/min. from German landlines, max. 0.42 euro/min. from German mobile networks)

Customer service / installation service

Our trained service personnel are always ready to offer help or advice or to schedule meetings.

You can even reach us on weekends and holidays via the service hotline.

ZABAG systems or even third-party systems will be installed on site by our dependable and experienced service technicians in accordance with currently valid directives.

Repair service

Contact our service staff for any concerns – whether minor defects, repairs or accidental damage. We will provide you with fast, competent assistance.

We have a constant supply of replacement parts and an extensive inventory of third-party products, which makes for short response times and a smooth service process.


Regular maintenance of technical systems is important and significantly extends the availability of electrically driven systems – thus leading to lower repair costs in the long run.

If the inspection required in accordance with accident prevention regulations (Unfallverhütungsvorschriften - UVV) is performed alongside maintenance, the incidental costs associated with driving to and from the site can be combined, thus optimising the overall cost.

Maintenance work for nearly all types of gate and for all gate manufacturers is performed in accordance with UVV.

We would be happy to provide a quotation for a maintenance contract. That way, you would have nothing left to worry about.

According to the provisions of the German Federation of the Statutory Accident Insurance Institutions for the Industrial Sector (Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften – HVBG), all previously mentioned power-operated systems must be inspected by a qualified professional before the first start-up and then as needed, but no less than once a year, in accordance with the "Richtlinie für kraftbetätigte Türen und Tore (ASR A1.7)" [Directive for power-operated doors and gates] and the European standards EN 12453, EN 12605 and EN 12604.

The professionals at ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH are always the right people for the job when it comes to inspecting and maintaining power-operated gate systems, barriers, turnstiles and sectional gates.
What our employees have to offer:

  • Qualified mechanical and electrical training
  • Modern testing and maintenance equipment
  • Immediate on-site service
  • 24 hour on-call service (according to agreement)
  • Assured availability of original replacement parts on site
  • Regular advanced training and education
  • Familiarity with relevant standards and directives
For more information, please contact us directly.