Wedge Barriers: anti-ram barriers

Blocking unauthorized vehicles with hydraulic anti-ram barriers in the driveway

ZABAG Wedge Barriers

If there is only limited space in your driveway for a gate, an alternative could be an automatic anti-ram barrier that secures your site reliably from unauthorized vehicles.  The barrier can withstand an impact load of 926 kN. This equates a vehicle of 7,5 t with a speed of 80 km/h. Especially critical infrastructures are able to secure their driveway reliably with an anti-ram barrier.

The minimum foundation depth of 45 cm is another unique advantage. Raising or lowering is possible in approx. 3,5 seconds.

ZABAG’s blocking device shows v-shaped red/white at the front and is highly visible when in use. Other colours like black/yellow are also available if required. Signal lights can also be integrated into the retractable blocking device as an option.

Raising and lowering in seconds

WedgeBarrierZABAG1 (350x262).jpg

Counseling and planning – our service for your security

For critical areas additional under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS), license plate recognition and other systems for video security can be offered. You will be counseled elaboratively  about our product and your security concept.

After construction ZABAG also realizes transport and assembly. Our qualified 24h after sales service will help you maintaining your system after our purchase.
Contact us and send us your enquiry.

Technical Details

  • impact load: 926 kN (equates vehicle of 7,5 t with 80 km/h)
  • standard dimensions:
    • 2,00 m clear opening
    • 3,00 m clear opening
    • 4,00 m clear opening
  • raising and lowering time: 3,5 s/3,5 s
  • blocking part: steel, corrosion protected
  • height: 1100 mm
  • passage designed for vehicles up to 60 t
Wedge Barrier Rot-Weiß