Bi-folding gates MAPO FGZ
Speed of a barrier, security of a gate

ZABAG MAPO FGZ bi-folding speed gates achieve opening/closing speeds of up to 1m/second, thus equaling or exceeding the operating time of many rising arm barriers but with the added advantage of securing an entrance against both vehicles and pedestrians.

The bi-folding gates MAPO FGZ impress thanks to their functionality and efficiency as well as to their space-saving design. This style of gate is most practicable to secure two-way restricted entrances and locations where there is a limited space for the gate leaves.

Thanks to the special innovative lever arm system, the bi-fold gate operates reliably and without any additional guide tracks. However, for certain applications the gate leaves can be guided by an optional track in the roadway (heated if required) or by an overhead track.

Up to 600 open/close cycles per day are no problem with the ZABAG MAPO FGZ folding gates. If security demands are higher, the gates can be equipped with an additional motor driven locking device, which keeps the gate secure locked in closed position.


MAPO FGZ single leaf
clear opening up to 7 m

MAPO FGZ double leaf
clear opening up to14 m


Gate frame height up to 2.4 m

(other widths and heights upon request)


FGZ TL - trackless bi-fold gate

FGZ TT - bi-fold gate with overhead track

FGZ BT - bi-fold gate with track in the roadway (heated if required)


  • cross fall adjustment
  • crash resistant
  • special infills and coatings
  • opening angels up to 110°
  • addition locking with motor driven bolts.
  • serrated top edge or spikes
  • laser-cut company logo


Corrosion protection 3Plus - All steel parts are shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, powder primed and then powder coated to the finished colour. This special finish ensures high resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light, scratches, chemicals or oil. Hot dip galvanising is also available if specified.
Colour as required, to a RAL standard colour chart
Drive system drive size according to the gate dimension and frequency of use with
lockable emergency release
Control unit microprocessore control unit, frequency converter for soft start / soft-stop
Safety equipment in accordance with DIN EN 12453
Produced in accordance with DIN EN 13241
Certification TÜV-tested, ISO 9001 : 2015

Application examples
Bi-folding gates