Individual solutions from ZABAG

Customised and individually adapted to requirements

In addition to standard products, ZABAG is also adept at producing individual, special perimeter protection solutions tailored to customer specifications.

ZABAG products range:
  • from the mechanical adaptation of a gate structure to local conditions,
  • to the incorporation of special panels
  • or completely new construction.

Naturally, these products also meet the highest quality standards.

The extensive technology portfolio of ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH offers customised solutions for every problem.
Sonderkonstrukion ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH - Hersteller von Toranlagen
Sonderkonstruktion ZABAG Drehkreuz nach WK2

High security – resistance classes and bullet resistance ratings

Sensitive areas often require special protective measures.

This can include resistance to forcible entry or even to gunfire.
On request, ZABAG manufactures and delivers its systems with appropriate measures for effectively resisting intrusion attempts and gunfire.

For example, resistance class versions of ZABAG's ZENTRA E-120-RS turnstiles are being delivered to Lidl logistics centres. In this case, various measures are being implemented in the turnstiles in order to meet the requirements of resistance class RC 2.