engineering by ZABAG

Product development & research

We strive not only to improve our existing products and develop new, innovative products, but also to refine our processes on a continual basis. The aim of this improvement process is to continually develop new ideas to increase the efficiency, comfort, security and environmental friendliness of existing products.

Our engineers have access to state-of-the-art product development simulation and visualisation software.

Risk assessment & hazard analysis

The preparation of a risk assessment is required by law and is not a voluntary service!

However, the on-site situation is often crucial. The entire situation must be surveyed, including all parameters, before an expert assessment can be made and competent advice offered.
Our trained systems analysts are happy to advise you on site, to evaluate the situation and perform a risk assessment.

In consultation with you, they will design a complete concept, taking into account the available products and their respective hazard analyses.

Project planning

We know how to plan and execute projects successfully. The expertise and knowledge of our systems analysts is available to you, from as early as the planning phase.

We can guarantee the quality of the project results, adhere to costs and deadlines and ensure that project goals are achieved. In so doing, we provide optimal planning and support for our customers' projects.

Project development, requirements specification, functional specification

We offer project development assistance for the preparation of your events, processes or a real construct. In this regard, we can provide you with technical (or non-technical) documents for the presentation.

We go over your requirements specification with you with concerning your requirements with regard to features, and we help you draft these documents

Based on the requirements specification, we then create a functional specification, which describes specifically how we intend to resolve the requirements in the requirements specification.

The requirements are fulfilled by means of features.

3D design and models

Our experienced designers make plans according to your wishes – in strict compliance with our standard or with individual adaptations.

We draft subassemblies to suit your requirements and design them using state-of-the-art software.

Visualisation via 3D models enables defects to be detected and eliminated immediately. The desired results are thus achieved efficiently and directly.

Innovative engineering services

Our innovative engineering services provide permanent or temporary support for our clients' capacities. Our range of services provides relief for clients' development groups during peak times and enables them to concentrate on their core competence.

We offer complete project development services including process development, design, electronics and PLC software programs, prototype building and the testing of prototypes, and we can also take care of engineering sub-services.