A global innovation from ZABAG: the high-security shallow mounted bollard Z-HFFP 273

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ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH, one of the world’s leading companies for access and security systems in outdoor spaces, has developed an innovative high-security shallow-foundation bollard: the Z-HFFP 273. Despite low installation depth of just 300 millimetres, this bollard can resist the impact of a 12-ton truck travelling at over 80 km per hour. This means the new bollard offers highly effective protection against terror attacks. With the Z-HFFP 273, organisations in charge of critical infrastructure or with specific security requirements – such as local authorities, airports or police premises – can install effective barriers that do not present an obstacle for pedestrians or cyclists and also offer a means of escape. One particular advantage is the very shallow foundation required for the bollard, meaning interventions in the structure of the road remain minimal.

Street bollards represent an effective aid to thwarting vehicle-ramming terror attacks. Conventional bollards, however, have to be anchored very deep into the ground – otherwise they can only offer inadequate impact protection of just a few hundred kilojoules of impact force. ZABAG Security Engineering, meanwhile, has come up with an alternative in the new, shallow-foundation bollard Z-HFFP 273, which requires little effort in terms of installation but still guarantees maximum safety: With protection amounting to 3,043 kilojoules of impact force, the innovative in-house development can even resist a 12-ton truck hitting the bollard at more than 80 km per hour.

Crash test passed
A vehicle impact test recently carried out for crash barriers in the Crash Test Center in Münster proved: The new Z-HFFP 273 bollard, which has a barrier height of 1,100 millimetres, could not be knocked over or torn out of the ground by the truck. Rather, it stopped the test vehicle reliably and retained its barrier function. Hence, the shallow-foundation bollard Z-HFFP 273 passed the crash test and is now certified according to the international standard IWA 14-1:2013 Bollard V/12000[N3D]/80/90/5.4. You can watch a video of the crash test here: https://youtu.be/mAJ8ZsiHliQ.

Minimal structural intervention in the road
Thanks to the low installation depth of just 300 millimetres, the foundation of the new bollard generally lies within the top layer of the road structure only. The lower layers, which may also incorporate pipelines, remain untouched, while the concrete installation guarantees lasting impact resistance. The shallow-foundation bollard can also slot neatly into its surroundings, for example thanks to a structure adapted to the course of the road and the option of choosing between various different bollard covers. What’s more, it can be covered by flower beds, benches or advertising boards, so that it does not affect the street scene as a whole.

Patent-protected internationally
ZABAG achieves the high impact protection of the new bollard thanks to an innovative internal structure – the mechanism ensures optimal load distribution of the kinetic energy transferred, deflecting it at the same time. ZABAG has registered its development as a patent worldwide. Thanks to galvanisation by means of a flame or electric-arc spraying process followed by powder-coating, all steel elements are rust-proof. The protective layer is non-fading, abrasion-proof and resistant to chemicals.

About ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH
Founded in 1990, ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH is now an owner-managed global player for high-security solutions and custom products. The company is based in Grünhainichen in Germany’s Erzgebirge mountains, where it employs more than 100 people. Customers in more than 28 countries appreciate the company’s comprehensively developed project solutions, which include products for airports, embassies, logistics centres, security authorities, industrial businesses and nuclear power stations.

Wherever there is a need for advice, engineering and special expertise in the production and installation of systems for site protection and security at highly sensitive properties, ZABAG is the general contractor to call. Customers benefit from individual solutions tailored to their specific requirements, including intelligent electronic controls and surveillance and IT modules. Products such as sliding, folding or rotating doors, turnstiles, lockers and bollards complete the range of high-quality products for perimeter protection “made in Germany” direct from the Erzgebirge.




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