turnstile Basic zentra


turnstile with electromagnetic locking device


Access of persons is reliably controlled by ZABAG‘s turnstile BASIC ZENTRA. Due to their standard measures the BASIC ZENTRA turnstiles are easy connectable.

The turnstiles are delivered fully preinstalled which leads to low installation effort. Your BASIC ZENTRA can be additionally equipped with a weather protection roof with aluminium sheet covering and further options for access control.

Respective safety regulations are complied by all BASIC ZENTRA turnstiles. The operating panel offers you sufficient space for the assembly of access control systems, video surveillance, intercom and others.

Your Advantages

  • standardised dimensions
  • supply of foundation drawings within 24 hours
  • delivered as a complete unit ready for installation
  • hot-dip galvanised base frame with load loop and adjusting bolt
  • implementation of state of the art welding robots
  • with electromagnetic locking device
  • easy of use and full compliance with safety regulations
  • function in case of power failure either for one or both directions locked or unlocked
  • For rapid and economical installation all ZABAG turnstiles are delivered as a complete unit on a support frame.


Rotor fender angle 3 x 120°
Total width
(without roof)
1.500 mm
Total width
(with roof)
1.570 mm
Total height
(without roof)
2.270 mm
Clear entry height 2.060 mm

standar colour

  • RAL 7035 light grey
  • Further RAL colours at extra charge

Accessories (optional)

  • weather protection roof with aluminium-sheet covering and frank roof drain
  • LED spots with twilight switch
  • operating panel
  • electro-polished rotor