Swing gates & Bi-fold gates by ZABAG

Swing gates

Safe, functional and always reliable

The swing gates in ZABAG's "MAPO" product family feature a torsion-free, sag-proof design. The gate mounts are made of particularly rugged eye bolts and mounting brackets, thus enabling easy and precise three-dimensional adjustment of the gate wing.

Special gate wing mounts are used to account for existing cross slopes.

Swing gate – MAPO

Clear opening
  • Single leaf up to 10.0 m
  • Double leaf up to 20.0 m
Drehflügeltor MAPO

Technical details

Drive: Electromechanical or manual
Gate-locking mechanism: Mortice lock with profile cylinder and lever handle or draw latch, self-locking electric drive, electric lock for large gates with electric drive
Control: Electronic control with limit switch: from simple open/close control to fully automatic traffic light control
Control elements: E.g. key-operated and/or push button, radio remote control, code card reader, coin validator, etc.
Safety devices: Mandatory for remotely controlled door and gate systems:
  • Safety contact strips (self-monitoring),
  • Safety light barriers,
  • Induction loops,
  • Flashing lights
Corrosion protection: Galvanised + powder-coated / 3Plus system