Security Systems

High security systems

No two projects are the same. Sometimes it is necessary to go beyond current standards in order to find solutions.

ZABAG designs and produces optimised security systems with maximum value to meet every need, both in industry and in the private sector, but especially for highly sensitive areas such as national and international politics, military and judicial systems or air travel.

When designing and developing systems, we take individual requirements into account and then manufacture the systems in-house according to the highest quality standards. Our focus is always on the integration of security, design and functionality. The sophisticated, robust design of ZABAG gate systems enables effective, reliable and durable protection of buildings or areas with increased levels of security.

For example, the design, dimensions and impact loads of gate systems can be individually adapted to the most specific of user requirements and to suit the respective security concept. If appropriate structural measures are taken, our gate systems – depending on size and design – can absorb impact loads of up to 1,000 kN.
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Areas of application for high security systems:

  • Federal and state offices of criminal investigation, police headquarters
  • Court buildings
  • Airports
  • Nuclear power plants
  • IT centres
  • Correctional facilities
  • Forensics clinics, facilities and laboratories
  • Government buildings, ministries and embassies
  • Agencies and banks
  • Military installations