protection systems

Area protection systems

Our system solutions are tailored to meet individual requirements and adapted to local circumstances on site.

The standardised overall concept consists of various components that are designed to fit together perfectly and thus provide the best possible protection.

We place particular importance on durability and affordability when selecting materials. Our stainless steel fences are treated and then electropolished, making them extremely resistant to aggressive environmental influences.

The metal fences in our product range are hot-dip galvanised or arc spray galvanised in accordance with DIN ISO 1461 and then finished with a 2-stage powder coating in the case of the 3Plus system or with thermal hardening.

The coating meets the highest requirements with regard to resistance to fading, scratching and abrasion as well as to solvents, chemicals and oils.
Faltflügeltor u. Drehkreuz ZABAG
Drehkreuzanlage, Schrankenanlage, Schiebeto
We offer:
  • fences (vertical bar, pale fencing, high security fences)
  • doors
  • gates
  • turnstiles
  • barriers
to meet all of your security and design needs.