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Our access control solutions are designed “open”. This means, that you can freely combine the best software and hardware and seamless integrate them into other systems, including your surveillance systems. They are suitable for all areas of application - from simple identification to sophisticated and complex access management.

Open interfaces allows ongoing and flexible enhancements in line with your requirements.

ZABAG tailors the products and services to your needs, both indoors and outdoors, so that you get the best solution for your sites security and the people living or working on it. ZABAG consults and installs, but our Service also includes a plug & play pre-configuration in accordance with the requirements.

ZABAG provides you with a system in which the individual components are perfectly
Inter-coordinated with each other.


  • logistics and traffic
  • industrial areas
  • airports and parking lots
  • business buildings
  • office buildings or public administrations
  • shopping centers
  • hardware stores

Our reliable partner

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Resistant for sophisticated conditions

2N® IP Force

The 2N® IP Force is an extremely robust IP intercom that can withstand the toughest conditions. In addition to communication with people, it also enables monitoring and access control. Use the extra functions of the IP Force and achieve maximum security in your property. Thanks to a 10 W loudspeaker, perfect communication is guaranteed even in a noisy environment (e.g. truck traffic).

Optional expansion modules:

  • code keyboard
  • bell fields
  • card / chip reader
Control unit 2N IP Force made by Axis

High modularity in combination with modern design

2N® IP Verso

Thanks to its modularity, you can put together the 2N® IP Verso security intercom according to your needs. It ensures reliable access control to the building and can also be easily connected to other systems. This allows you to increase the security of the object.

Optional expansion modules:

  • code keyboard
  • bell fields
  • card / chip reader
  • bluetooth / NFC
  • fingerprint
  • electronic phone book
control unit 2N IP Verso made by Axis

stylish and high quality

2N® Indoor Touch / Talk / Compact

The stylishly designed, multifunctional 2N® Indoor control centers fit perfectly into any room. With a look at the up to 7 “display you can determine who is standing in front of your door, start a conversation with your visitors or simply open the gate or door.
In conjunction with the 2N® IP door intercom systems, you also get an all-encompassing, compact system for external communication.


Women in front of a smart home control unit

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