green bi fold gate with wedge barrier

The anti-ram shallow mounted wedge barrier is crash rated to 926 kN, provides highest operational standards, is designed for maximum and reliable perimeter security and secures sites that require a high level of perimeter protection. The blocking device is being brought into its blocking position by an electrohydraulic operating cylinder. A passage of the lowered barrier is designed for vehicles up to 60 t. The minimum foundation depth is another unique advantage.

ZABAG‘s blocking device shows v-shaped red/white (RAL 3000 / RAL 9010) stripes at the front and is highly visible when in use. Other colours like black/yellow (RAL 9005 /
RAL1023) are also available if required. All other parts are delivered in RAL 7030. Signal lights can also be integrated into the retractable blocking device as an option.

The wedge barrier is delivered as a mounting unit and features an automatic raising and lowering function. It is installed to be flush to the finished roadway when fully retracted. The electrohydraulic drive unit is integrated in a separate control cabinet and operated by a PLC-control panel (IP code 64).

crash / impact rating
Load 926 kN
(equates a vehicle of 7.5 t with 80 km/h)

standard demensions
2 m, 3 m or 4 m
clear width

raising and lowering time
approx. 3.5 sec




  • pressure accumulator for one cycle in case of power failure
  • signal lights red or yellow Ø 100 mm
  • traffic control signal red/green Ø 200 mm for wall mounting
  • traffic control signal red/green Ø 200 mm for pole mounting incl. light pole
  • exposed key switch “Raise-Lower”
  • integrated key switch “Raise-Lower”
  • push-button “Raise-Lower”
  • trace heating
  • safety cover


Blocking device steel, galvanized and powder coated
Raising height 1100 mm
Blocking width 2 m to 4 m
Crash / Impact load 926 kN (1952 kJ)
Raising and lowering time 3.5 sec; Fast raising with accumulator approx. 1 sec.
Control cabinet HxWxD 1200x800x600 mm
Passage capacity 100 kN axis thrust load according to DIN 1072
Hydraulic power unit separated in control cabinet, distance max. 20 m
Hydraulic oil bio-degradable, water hazard class I
Power supply voltage 400 V, 50 Hz


Full technical documentation is included in the delivery, such as:

  • assembly drawings
  • cable specifications
  • wiring diagram
  • assembly, operation and service manual
  • lock book

UVIS, license plate recognition and systems for video security can be offered complementary. We gladly advice you in any further questions to make sure to supply the perfect matching security solution for every purpose.