Bollards by Zabag
Versatile transit barriers

Z-HFFP 203

With a foundation depth of 200 mm, the Z-HFFP 203 is particularly suitable for high security applications.
The bollards are mainly installed at embassies, prisons or critical infrastructures.

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three bollards in front of a truck

Certified shallow mounted bollard
Z-HFFP 273

This certified shallow mounted bollard is meant to protect people and visitors of crowded places in inner cities and event areas. Due to its depressed installation depth of only 300 mm, the Z-HFFP 273 is especially suitable for inner city market places, walkway or bicycle lanes.

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Crashtest at the CTS Crashtest Service Center Münster

Certified High Security Bollards
Z-HSP 500

This bollard system is especially effective and sustainable for the purpose of protecting human beings and buildings in sensitive and public areas as well as arenas and event locations.

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automatic bollard in front of a truck

certified automatic bollard
Z-HSP 273

Unauthorized access of street-legal vehicles is prevented reliably and effectively by ZABAG’s certified high-security bollards. The electro-hydraulic powered bollard opens after successful authorisation and allows free access for all vehicles on all entry’s or exits.

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