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The optimal security of your area is supplemented with systems for video surveillance. With the latest technologies of our Swedish partner Axis Communications, we offer reliable solutions in the field of CCTV to monitor and detect intruders.

In particular, we will assist you during your planning process, understand your requirements, specify your demands and support you thru all different phases of the project.

End-to-end solutions from Axis Communications - whether for basic monitoring or an advanced security system for critical infrastructure i.e. with higher demands - will reliably protect your premises. With IP standards and user-friendly systems, our partner‘s technology can easily be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. The solutions are also expandable and can enlarged to cope with increasing demands.


  • project planning
  • commissioning
  • maintenance of IP monitoring systems
  • support


  • standard network & dome cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • thermal cameras
  • management software



Our reliable partner

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Network Cameras

The network cameras from Axis deliver recordings of outstanding quality - regardless of the lighting conditions, the size and the special features of the monitored area. They are energy efficient with minimized bandwidth and storage space requirements.

The analysis skills developed by Axis and its partners turn your network cameras into real business tools. They point out
evolving situations and help you make efficient decisions.

The data can be integrated into your other system.

Axis network camera

PTZ Cameras

Axis PTZ network cameras can be panned, tilted and zoomed so that both large areas and small details can be covered with just one camera. Thanks to the excellent image quality and the zoom function, recorded security incidents can be checked.

The cameras are equipped with a variety of intelligent functions and can automatically switch between preset positions and the zoom function in response to recorded events. They can also be easily integrated into a system with other cameras.

rotatable camera used for CCTV

Thermal Cameras

A thermal camera delivers reliable images in difficult lighting conditions such as shadows, backlighting, darkness and even in camouflaged objects, with which the operator can identify suspicious activities and react accordingly - around the clock.

Thermal imaging cameras use the emitted heat from any objects, such as vehicles or people, to image the picture.

thermal camera made by axis

Management Software

Axis offers IP surveillance software that complements the company‘s range of network cameras, video encoders and access control products.

1 - customer location
2 - internet
3 - customer access
4 - alarm monitoring

CCTV Software

Photos: © by Axis Communications