Control columns
Exclusive Line

Modern parking lot management systems are an essential part of every days life. With the help of the latest technologies, it is possible to protect entrances and exits perimetrically. The Control Columns Exclusive Line also offer a wide range of options and additional functions.

The columns are made in three sizes, depending on the type of vehicles that pass through the driveway. Adapted to the vehicles, it is possible for drivers of cars and trucks as well as drivers of vans to operate the columns easily from the vehicle.

The solid body is made of durable stainless steel. The front and rear shell are protected by an elaborate KTL corrosion protection process and a UV-resistant powder
coating and ensure a long lasting and representative appearance even under difficult environmental conditions. The optional modern LED strips, which increase the visibility of the control columns and improves the traffic safety.

The equipment of the column is individually adapted to customer requirements. Additional operational controls, such as camera, code lock, fingerprint readers, card reader etc. can also be integrated.


BS11 EL - cars
W 250 x D 188 x H 1150 mm

BS12 EL - cars
W 410 x D 188 x H 1150 mm

BS21 EL - cars + trucks
W 250 x D 188 x H 2185 mm

BS22 EL - cars + trucks
W 410 x D 188 x H 2185 mm

BS31 EL - vans and pedestrians
W 250 x D 188 x H 1700 mm


  • modern housing design
  • easy integration of various operating elements in a comfortable modular system
  • anodized aluminum control panel
  • integrated mounting plate
  • on the back inspection door with profile cylinder lock lockable

Optional features

  • intercom / bell system
  • fingerprint access control
  • keypad
  • security camera
  • full engravings with or without backlighting
  • ambient lighting
  • touchscreen applications for access control systems
  • integrated collection container for card reader or manual card insertion
  • coin acceptor

Technical Details

Corrosion protection
front and back site
KTL-Corrosion protection process + UV-resistant powder coating
Surface middle element polished stainless steel
Colours Sparkling Iron Effect (similar to DB 703, RAL-colours available upon request)
Optional LED strips integrated laterally in the column body; displayable colours: red, green, blue;
LED control unit for color mixing, with transmitter and receiver