ZABAG Factory Sliding Gates

We combine our innovations of the last years with the advantages of a series production. Therefore, now you have access to new products of our Factory Line, that maintain our high standard quality and are suitable for price-sensitive customers.

Our Eco and Classic sliding gates are the epitome of efficiency and quality without compromising on safety. They offer the ideal protection for your facilities and buildings, whether in industrial, commercial or other demanding environments. And the best of all: the simple and fast processing of customer enquiries enables you to make quick and binding statements about the delivery and installation date.

The frame construction made of aluminium, the internal roller guide in the upper belt and with up to 250 cycles per day - they provide the stability, reliability and safety you need.


Robust and versatile

With a weight of 2.7 g/cm³, aluminium has only a third of the weight of steel. This means that both the running and support rollers as well as the drive are subjected to a much lower load.

Thanks to its smooth, clean surface structure, aluminium allows high-quality colour coating. Aluminium is almost 100 % recyclable (can be melted down) and thus makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment.

screwed Aluminium frame construction

Dimension between posts: 3 m bis 10 m in in grid widths

The cantilevered sliding gate ECO is available in custom heights from 1,000 to 2,500 mm.

  • Weight: up to 750 kg
  • Duty cycle: up to 70%
  • Speed: up to 10.8 m/min

fully welded Aluminium frame construction

Dimension between posts: 3 m bis 25 m

The cantilevered sliding gate CLASSIC is available in custom heights from 1,000 to 2,250 mm.

  • Weight: up to 3000 kg
  • Duty cycle: 70 % up to 100%
  • Speed: 10.8 m/min up to 30 m/min.


  • Bolted alternatively welded aluminium frame construction
  • Gate leaf with transoms in frame thickness. Panels are inserted into the segments
  • Ground clearance 100 mm: Gate height is specified as standard incl. ground clearance
  • Maximum bar spacing of 120 mm for increased safety
  • Internal castors / guide rollers
  • Connection of front and rear roller station (hot-dip galvanized steel)
  • Central toothed rack integrated in the track profile, thus protected against the effects of weather and dirt
  • Entry and support posts with base plate in single and double version
  • Up to 250 cycles per day