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For inspection and maintenance work on power-operated gate, barrier, turnstile and bollard systems, ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH is always the right partner.

In accordance with the regulations of the workers compensation board, the „Directive for power-operated doors and gates“ (ASR A1.7) as well as the European standards EN 12453, EN 12605 and EN 12604, the aforementioned installations needs to be inspected with first commissioning and recurrently, at least once a year, by a qualified person. Our service experts are equipped with the with the required kit as well as the expertise and visit regular training courses for specialist associations on current innovations.

The regular maintenance of access and gate systems is important and extends their life span considerably and ultimately also reduces repair costs. If the legally prescribed and therefore mandatory safety testing is being combined with a service maintenance, costs can be optimized by only one required site visit.

Maintenance work is carried out by our service technicians for almost all different brands according to comprehensive checklists.


We would be pleased to submit you an offer to conclude an audit and maintenance contract. Should you conclude a contract with us, you benefit twice:

  • Your security system is, according to the above mentioned legal safety regulations, regularly checked at isochronous intervals, functional and moreover professional maintained.
  • In addition, you save with costs, by a joint implementation of inspection and maintenance at the same time.

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