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The global perimeter security technologies market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 42% by 2027, according to MarketsandMarkets.

This is striking with regards to an increasing frequency of surveys that emphasize the need for security both in private and business areas to retain created assets.
As a matter of fact, the number and variety of terrorist threads such as amok runs committed with vehicles at high speed, unauthorized intrusions and theft has risen exponentially in recent years.

That is why we have been manufacturing access and perimeter protection for our costumers in Germany and more than 30 other countries worldwide since 1990, providing best saftey barrier possible. We are on a mission to offer the most advanced perimeter security solutions.

With fast opening and closing, our certified quick folding gate FGZ offers you realiable protection and access control to protect people and properties. Its high-functional and equally elegant design allows it to blend seamlessly into any environment. Moreover you can even count on the reliability despite a low penetration depth of 650 mm, incl. 200 mm coverage.

Enjoy a high level of perimeter protection for your customers, their employees and projects with ZABAG security technology.

The most important features of the high security bi-fold gate
  • installation depth: 650 mm incl. 200 mm covering (e.g. asphalt, paving,...)
  • certified to: IWA 14-1: N2B-48 km/h and ASTMF2656: C730-48 km/h
  • Dimension: 4 up to 8 m width, up to 2.5 m height
  • Motor lock with additional time controt

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Highest security demonstrated

The FGZ CT bi-fold gate was successfully tested and certified.

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