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References - security solutions

References Germany

Oettinger Brewery

special requirements: preventive food defense - perimeter security of the sensitive premises, very high frequency of the transport route for the trucks that approach and leave the brewery

our services: project support, consulting, planning, development, construction, production and assembly including induction loop - 4 bi-folding gates MAPO FGZ double leaf (5 x 2 m) for access and exit regulation, serrated top edge; columns; turnstile ZENTRA E for personal access

green bi folding gate with video detection

Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH Eibenstock

special requirements: area protection of the new company premises with an automatic controlled access for vehicles

our services: consulting, project support, planning, construktion, production and assembly - double leaf quick folding gate MAPO FGZ in company colours with license plate recognition as well as an adjoining door for the access of people. The camera system automatically detects the number plate in real time and opens the gate for authorized vehicles.

turnstile made by Zabag with resistance class RC2

Logistics centre

special requirements: increased security against forced entry at the turnstile

our services: on-site consulting, construction of the special design, production - turnstile ZENTRA EH reinforced version according to wind protection class 2 (ZABAG is tested and classified according to DIN EN 1627:2011-9 ff)

costum made cantilevered sliding gate

opposed sliding gate system

special requirements: separate regulation of access and exit, small back run space

our services: construction und production - sliding gate KOMBI Alu, the exit is automatically released via an induction loop, increased running speed thanks to the built-in "quick drive";  special gate infill

oversize cantilevered Telescopic sliding gate

logistics centre

special requirements: The challenge was to reliably secure a 21 m entrance - with cross fall in closing dircetion - without tracks. In addition, the reversing space had to be minimized.

our services: consulting, construction of the special solution, production - 21 cantilevered telescopic sliding gate type KOMBI TZ. Gateframe with cross fall adjustment of 2 %.

green cantilevered sliding gate

Disposal service

special requirements:The pollution of dust and dirt, that the tipper vehicles swirl up, is higher at a disposal service than usual. Therefore they needed an economically security solution with robust and reliable gates.

our services: construction and production- cantilevered sliding gate type BASIC Kombi made of steel with high-quality powder coating "systeme 3 Plus"

Kinella in Erlangen

special requirements: economical solution for separation for employees and access control only for authorized persons

our services: consulting on site, construction and production - turnstile BASIC Zentra to the adjacent electrically operated swing gate for the vehicle entrance

Customised sliding gate part fixed to a swing gate

pharmaceutical group

special requirements: 10 m entrance, but no retraction space for a sliding gate and no swivel range for a 10 m swing gate

our services: development, construction and production of this special solution - slding/swing-gate-cobination with partial opening 1 m for personal access, with drive and safety devices in automatic mode

References International

long cantilevered sliding gate

Industrial client in siwtzerland

special requirements: 18 m sliding gate, trackless, with second stopposition

our services: consulting, construction and production - sliding gate KOMBI 18 m with part opening function and traversable gate load removal mushroom.

huge tracked sliding gate at the airport

Airport in Austria

special requirements: TAXI WAY Gate – clear opening 50 m with 1 % cross fall, central passage of 25 m without tracks for a barrier-free passage of the aircrafts

our services: construction and production - two opposed tracked sliding gates type TERRA 25 m x 2 m, front roller intedet per gate by 12,5 m, so that 25 m are trackless in the middle

trackless bi-folding gate with an adjoining door

police station in Denmark

special requirements:  The security system required a reliable system with a gate height of 3 m and minimal opening and closing times with high frequency.

our services: planning, construction and production - Our bi-folding gate MAPO FGZ double-leaf 4,5 x 3 m with an opening- and closing time of approx. 5 seconds and with an adjoining door.

bi folding gate at harbor entrance

port area in Denmark

special requirements: production of a bi-folding gate with a large clear opening and restricted swivel range

our services: consulting, planning, construction and production - bi-folding gate MAPO FGZ 14 x 1,8 m, galvanized

transport of turntiles

nuclear power plant in Sweden

special requirements: resistant turnstiles against aggressive atmosphere near the cost, with binding response for passage and sabotage contact

our services: consulting, construction and production - turnstiles type ZENTRA E made of steinless steel, electrolytically polished

high security sluice

Embassy in Scandinavia

special requirements: to secure the embassy site, massive fences, gates and doors as well as impact-resistant sliding gates were needed as a lock

our services: construction and production - sliding gate KOMBI, swing gate MAPO as well as front line fence - according to planning specification, impact-resistant sliding gates with lock funktion and PLC programming

hot-dip galvanized sliding gate with pilot cable

Energy group in Sweden

special requirements: increased security level - sliding gates and doors, additional equipped with live wire as climb over protection

our services: construction and production - galvanized sliding gates type KOMBIand doors prepared with plug-in couplings for live detection wires with drives and safety devices

breakthrough certain Bi folding gate

psychiatric institution in Sweden

special requirements: high security area - crash resitant according to DOS K8/PAS 68

our services: consulting, planning, development, construction and production - bi-fold gate MAPO FGZ single leaf with crash box and motor lock including foundation frame to derive impact forces

bulletproofed sliding gate in front of a embassy

embassy in Africa

special requirements: crash resistant gate according to K12

our services: planning, production and assembly on site - tracked sliding gate type TERRA - reinforced, statically proven to K12, dimensions 4,6 x 3 m, with drive system


sliding gates as vehicle lock system

consulate in turkey

special requirement: reliable securing of the premises with lock function and regulated people access

our services: consulting, planning, construction, production, inspection and maintenance - two sliding gates type KOMBI for protecion as a vehicle lock as well as two turnstiles ZENTRA and fence