Special solutions
Customised and individually adapted to requirements

special solution of an sliding gate with middle passage

ZABAG is your leading expert when it comes to individual and customized perimeter protection solutions tailored to customer demands.

ZABAG‘s special solutions can cope with the adaption of the gate frame in accordance to the site conditions, as well as bringing in special infills, up until a complete new gate design and construction.

As a matter of course, all these products comply with the highest quality standards.

ZABAG‘s know how matched with the state of the art machine outfit and technology ensures tailor-made solutions for each and every problem.


  • adaption to site conditions
  • stronger dimensions e.g. designed to withstand wind load class 4
  • higher resistance classes (RC)
  • slope adjustments
  • special infills
  • breakthrough resistance
  • special heights and lengths


Adapted to your requirements, ZABAG special solutions protect people, buildings or areas effective and reliable, based on it‘s well designed and custom-made construction.

Resistance classes

Sensitive areas often require special protective measures and arrangements.

This can include resistance against armed and forcible intrusion attempts. On demand, ZABAG designs, manufactures and delivers its systems with appropriate measures to resists whichever attacks – even gunfire – effectively.

Application examples
Special solutions