Telescopic sliding gates by Zabag
The ideal solution in the case of limited
retraction space

Limited retraction space poses special challenges for a sliding gate system.

The solution is a telescopic sliding gate system such as the cantilevered KOMBI TZ or the track-mounted TERRA TZ. These systems offer high operational security and can have multiple telescoping leaves.

Variants of telescopic sliding gates

Cantilevered telescopic sliding gate

The candilevered telescopic sliding gates KOMBI TZ are telescopic with two leaves and offer the same design features as the sliding gates KOMBI.

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Cantilevered telescopic sliding gate

The gate KOMBI TZ ECO is a very economic and effective solution.

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Track-mounted telescopic
sliding gate – TERRA TZ

Where gate back run space is restricted the ZABAG TERRA TZ gate can provide the solution.

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Application examples
Telescopic sliding gates