Turnstiles by Zabag
Dependable person separation

Controlled access to properties and buildings is becoming an increasingly important part of security systems. Biometric identification, pedestrian flow control and targeted refusal of access have become necessary in many facility areas.

Turnstile systems offer the ideal solution in this regard. Used in combination with modern access control systems, they are practically impossible to bypass and provide protection without expensive personnel costs.

Turnstile systems with manual or electric controls can be used in a variety of applications. Whether they are used in industry, power plants or sports venues, they always offer dependable access control. Other options include special designs for pushchairs, wheelchairs and the like.

Turnstiles can be operated manually or via a special safety drive.

Variants of turnstiles

Turnstiles ZENTRA

Robust and reliable pedestrian access control has become more and more important and ZABAG ZENTRA turnstiles provide an adaptable and economical solution.

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Turnstiles ZENTRA-BIKE

Our latest invention, the ZABAG ZENTRA-BIKE will offer both and combines a controlled personal passage with a separate and automated bike entry.

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Access of pedestrians is reliably controlled by ZABAG‘s turnstile BASIC ZENTRA. Due to it‘s standardised performance the BASIC ZENTRA turnstiles are an economical alternative to our professional turnstiles.

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turnstile made by Zabag with resistance class RC2

resistance classes and bullet resistance ratings

Sensitive areas often require special protective measures. In this case, various measures are being implemented in the turnstiles in order to meet the requirements of resistance class RC 2.

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Application examples