Certified HIGH SECURITY barrier
Z-HSTS 8000

truck hits a security barrier

The high security barrier Z-HSTS 8000 is especially suitable to secure people and objects in sensitive areas. The tested and certified high security barrier reliably
denies unauthorized access of roadworthy vehicles.

The electro-hydraulically barrier system successfully passed the crash test at the authorized and accredited Crash Test Service Center in Münster. It easily withstood an impact of a 7.2 t truck at a speed of 49.5 km/h. This corresponds with a kinetic energy of 679 kJ. The in the foundation embedded slam posts were still unhurt after the test, so that only the barrier boom and the drive unit needed to be replaced after the impact. Therefore, in case of a critical incident, extensive work on the foundations will not apply.

Military and critical infrastructure, governmental and industrial buildings, embassies, nuclear power plants, research and data centres as well as banking institutions – they all need the highest possible protection available. The high security barrier Z-HSTS 8000 effectively secures these objects.



  • weight of the truck: 7.2 t
  • speed: 49.5 km/h
  • kinetic energy: 679 kJ
  • penetration depth: 0.3 m


  • boom length up to 8 m
  • opening/closing time15 s
  • electro-hydraulically driven
  • ZABAG corrosion protection 3Plus
  • colour to a RAL standard colour chart or as required
  • selectable for left/right use


  • loop detector
  • LED flashing light on the control box
  • remote control
  • GSM-module
  • special accessories upon request

Watch the crash test video now


Corrosion protection 3Plus - All steel parts are shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, powder primed and then powder
coated to the finished RAL colour. This special finish ensures the highest possible resistance against damages caused by ultraviolet light, scratches, chemicals or oil. Hot dip galvanising is also available if specified.
Drive system electro hydraulic drive with frequency converter with 7.5 kW rated power, 400 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
Hydraulic system In addition to the pressure relief valve for the pump and system, the hydraulic valve control on
the unit includes a pressure gauge and the electrically controlled control valves for opening and closing. Furthermore, an additional valve for the secure catch of the boom in the boom support is integrated, to prevent boom from dropping down.
Control unit microprocessore control unit, frequency converter for soft start / soft stop and adjustable speed