Control Columns
for cars, trucks and vans

Modern parking lot management systems are an essential part of every days life. With the help of the latest technologies, it is possible to protect entrances and exits perimetrically. The ZABAG Control Columns also offer a wide range of options and additional functions. Modular diversity in design and technology can be combined here according to the modular concept.

The columns are made in three sizes, depending on the type of vehicles that has to pass the driveway. Adapted to the vehicles, it is possible for drivers of cars and trucks as well as drivers of vans to operate the columns easily from the vehicle.

The equipment of the column is individually matched to customer requirements. Additional operational controls, such as camera, code lock, fingerprint readers, card reader etc. can also be integrated.

Lettering or company logos, if required illuminated, are available, as well as special heights.


SP1 - cars
W 140 x D 140 x H 1.100 mm

SP2 - cars + trucks
W 140 x D 140 x H 2.100 mm

BS11 - cars
W 305 x D 275 x H 1.230 mm

BS21 - cars + trucks
W 305 x D 275 x H 2.430 mm

BS31 - vans + pedestrians
W 305 x D 275 x H 1.805 mm

Special features

  • Allows easy integration of operating elements such as card readers or intercom
  • Solid construction with lockable inspection openings
  • Individual dimensions for special applications available
  • Removable mounting plate made from anodized Aluminium
  • Integrated cap rail available
  • Inspection doors lockable with euro-profile cylinder

Optional features

  • intercoms
  • fingerprint readers
  • keypad
  • security camera
  • laser lettering, illuminated
  • ambiance illuminating
  • screen printing applications such as logos and lettering
  • touchscreen applications for access control systems
  • integrated collection container for cards or coins
  • coin validator


Corrosion protection Aluminium parts are blasted and powder-coated twice. All steel parts are shot blasted, hot zinc
sprayed - hot dip galvanising is also available if specified - powder primed and then powder
coated to the finished colour. This special finish ensures high resistance to damage caused by
ultraviolet light, scratches, chemicals or oil.
Colour as required, to a RAL standard colour chart