GSM Module

Would you like to control your security system remotely? With the GSM module you can open your entrance gate or barriers by a ring with your phone or by an app installed on your smart phone. The product has an extensive event memory, identifies the caller‘s phone number and transfers the open signal, in accordance to various combinations, i.e. to a time-based limited permissio only. The reports can be sent by email or SMS.

It can be programmed in easy and comfortable via USB port or mobile internet and it is also resistant to radio interference and unauthorized door openings. The GSM Gate Module allows up to 1000 users with the associated authorizations (i.e. no entry permission out of standard working hours).

The GSM module also has an ONVIF camera support with the associated picture image in the smartphone app. Up to two cameras can be integrated. We would be happy to tell you more if you are interested.


power operated
• gates
• bollards
• barriers
• turnstiles


  • standard: open signal via phone call
  • additional function: use of the app services - very user-friendly with an optimized range of services, for mobile phone contracts including data volume


  • control of two gates, barriers, bollards etc.
  • up to 1000 users
  • management of permissions, groups and schedules
  • programmable time clock

Smartphone App

  • opening/closing of gates
  • feedback on open/close control, push notification in the case of an error
  • display of moving images from connected video cameras
  • administration and control of several GSM modules
  • users management
  • user and admin versions available for IOS (App store) and android (GooglePlay)