Long- range reader made by Feig-electronic

To ensure that access is only granted to authorized vehicles, we offer various technical options. One of them is the long range reader.

In the field of vehicle identification with RFID, we work together with the company FEIG ELECTRONIC, a German manufacturer of contactless identification since more than 25 years.

With is read range of up to 10 m it is ideal to control and grant access for industrial or governmental parking lots or other critical areas and can be is an excellent alternative to LPR (licence plate recognition systems).

Areas of application

  • Wherever a selectable group of users needs to get access to the premises during eligible times, e.g. employees during production times only, suppliers during opening hours only.
  • Vehicle access control and monitoring
  • RFID transponder in the car window > is recognized from a certain distance and, if authorized, access is granted

Technical Details

  • Robust, weatherproof design
  • Housing color translucent
  • Access repetition lock (anti-passback)
  • Management of over 4,000 access authorizations
  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 2 lanes with read ranges of up to 10m
  • IP67 protection class for outdoor use


  • reliable detection with visual feedback red, blue or green
    > blue: device is in function;
    > green: transponder detected; entry granted
    > red: transponder recognized; admission refused
  • definition of group authorizations possible e.g. parcel service XY is only allowed on the company premises Mon - Wed from 1 - 5 p.m., otherwise access denied
  • quick and easy locking of the transponder
  • intuitive operation of the authorization management (who is allowed when on the premises) conveniently via pc (network interface)

What does RFID mean?

RFID (radio-frequency identification) is a technology for transmitter-receiver systems for the automatic and contactless identification and localization of objects using radio waves.

How does it work?

Basically, RFID technology consists of a transponder and a reader. A transponder is a radio communication device that receives incoming signals and automatically responds or forwards them. The term transponder is a portmanteau of the terms transmitter and responder. A distinction can be made between active and passive transponders.

Recommended mounting heights

example of assembly for long- range reader

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