How product quality is expressed?

We set maximum standards not only in the field of ​​product design, but as well in production. But how is the quality of the production of our folding doors, sliding doors, turnstiles, bollards and other tailor made and special products expressed ?

FOBS Magazine writes on this subject in its 119 issue in May 2021:

“Formerly, when the world was still simple, there was a quality. Especially on the German market and in surrounding countries. The steel was thick, the layers of zinc and powder coatings were thick, the welding was robust. […] Double mesh screen mats with thinner steel wires were introduced, posts were given thinner walls thicknesses and thinner cover strips. The number of fastening points was reduced and the cover caps were made from plastic instead of aluminum. Some gate frames were no longer welded by miter."

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Our goal as a manufacturer of security systems is to offer the highest possible quality for every product.

Welder at work

ZABAG welding production

All our gates and posts are completely welded, starting with the frames and reinforcement bars as well as the infill bars.

We pay particular attention to the selection of raw materials and their processing. We mainly work with bright steel, aluminum and stainless steel, which are machined and processed on site. We weld bright metal surfaces and make sure that the weld lines are clean and even. Professional weld lines do not have to be grinded. In this way, they increase the strength and a visually appealing surface of the products and also provides a design feature. To achieve this, our skilled employees in the welding production serve precision work every day.

We ensure sustainable quality through constant trainings and repeated tests of our employees. Our quality management system ISO 9001: 2015 is the key to check the products and maintains the quality.

System 3Plus made by ZABAG
Surface treatment and refinemen

Graphic for Zabag Surface treatment and refinement

The following requirements are met:

  • Alternating condensation climate with an atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide according to DIN 50017
  • Adhesion strength according to EN ISO 2360
  • Flexural strength according to ASTM D522 (5 mm)
  • Acetic acid salt spray test according to ISO 9227
  • Accelerated weathering test according to EN ISO 11341
  • Industrial atmosphere (Kesternicht test) according to EN ISO 3231

Hot zinc spraying

pre-treatment of parts by employee

The steel parts of a gate system are exposed to constant weather conditions. With conventional surface treatments, rust deposits and, in some cases, blistering under the coating can quickly occur. For this reason we have developed our in-house corrosion protection system 3Plus.

All steel parts, unless they are not hot-dip galvanized (DIN 1461), are preparatory shot blasted in accordance with DIN 8567 and DIN 8201 with a chilled cast blasting agent. The bare metal and roughened surface thus provides the perfect basis for the following applied treatments. The minimum thickness of the pure zinc now to be applied is 100 µ. The components are then tempered in the oven at around 200 degrees. Trapped gases escape during this process.

This is how we prevent the formation of bubbles under the powder coating.

Two layer powder coating

Surface treatment and refinemen

Now the first powder coating with an adhesion-promoting agent follows. The first layer is applied electrostatically and thermally cured in the oven. This primer is applied with a thickness of at least 80 µ.

The second layer of powder is applied and cured in the same process. The minimum layer thickness is again 80 µ. By the way, this powder layer is available in almost any desired RAL color.

The corrosion protection in the 3Plus system thus achieves a total thickness of 250 µ and is suitable as long-term corrosion protection for all climate zones (corrosion protection class C4).

Our products meet the highest requirements to UV constancy, are scratch-resistant, abrasion, shock and impact-resistant and resistant to solvents, chemicals and oils.