Swing gates MAPO
Safe, functional and always reliable

swing gate with control columns

Swing gates can effectively secure an entrance at reasonable costs. All the gates in the ZABAG MAPO product range are fully welded and torsion free fabrications. These economical gates are extensively used to secure industrial, commercial and public utility sites, particularly where there is no space for a sliding gate.

Swing gates are suitable for a installation situation, were there is not enough back run for a sliding gate. High-quality drive systems, above- or underframe mounted, with a duty cycle corresponding to the required applications, ensure trouble-free and quiet operation.

The ZABAG MAPO gates are available with either a compact electro-mechanical drive with a 50 % duty rating for medium use or a heavy duty electro-mechanical drive with lever arms and 100 % duty rating for industrial applications.


MAPO single leaf
clear opening up to 11 m

MAPO double leaf
clear opening up to 22 m


Gate frame height up to 2.4 m
(special height on request)



  • cross fall adjustment
  • special infills and coatings
  • opening angels manually up to 160°, electrical up to 135°
  • electro-magnetic lock or motor driven locking bolt
  • serrated top edge or spikes
  • laser-cut company logo

All ZABAG swing gates with drive system are secured on all shear edges with active safety contact buffers, on both sides of the front and bottom rails. The gate complies with the DIN EN and ASR A1.7 health and safety at work act.


ZABAG has been supplying its swing gates up to a total gate height of 2.4 m completely pre-assembled. The width of the passage does not matter.

After a successful test run, the gates are mounted on a wooden substructure. Then the center of gravity is marked and the system is lashed standing on the truck.

With electric gates, all cables for the safety buffers are already laid and wired up. The drive is installed and the lever arm is connected to the gate leaf.

After delivery, the entire package is to be placed on the foundation and bolted down. There is no need to hang in the leaves, wire the safety buffers or mount the lever arms from the drive unit.

Of course, this means a drastic reduction in assembly times. The time for the required forklift or crane is also reduced. In addition, templates for the base plates are available from ZABAG in advance. This enables the installer to set the anchor bolts before delivery.

The upper edge of the foundation is - as is usual with ZABAG - at -200 mm below the road level. In the case of foundations being on road level, the 200 mm can be added to the total gate heights.


Corrosion protection 3Plus - All steel parts are shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, powder primed and then powder coated to the finished colour. This special finish ensures high resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light, scratches, chemicals or oil. Hot dip galvanising is also available if specified.
Colour as required, to a RAL standard colour chart
Drive system drive size according to the gate dimension and frequency of use with
lockable emergency release
Control unit microprocessore control unit, frequency converter for soft start / soft-stop
Safety equipment in accordance with DIN EN 12453
Produced in accordance with DIN EN 13241
Certification TÜV-tested, ISO 9001 : 2015

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