wheelchair and bicycle access door

The perfect solution to enable access for bicycles, wheelchairs, strollers or loads - automated, secure, fast and user-friendly.

The VERSO door is multifunctional and offers safe and barrier-free access for disabled people, people with prams or bicycles - whether standing alone or standing next to one of our turnstile systems. It also enables small loads to be transported with a trolley.

The door is motor-driven in compliance with the relevant safety regulations. It can be
opened 90° inwards or 90° outwards, depending from which site the respective control impulse is given. Therefore the door always opens away from the person and prevents the gate leave to interfere with the passers-by at all.

If used as a standalone solution, various operating columns can optionally be used to hold card readers, intercoms or release buttons.

Of course, all VERSO doors are delivered completely pre-assembled to ensure fast and easy installation on site.


  • selectable opening, 90° inwards or outwards
  • clear entry height: 2060 mm
  • LED direction indicator on both sides, Ø 20 mm, alternately signalise a pre-warning time and flashing red/yellow when “closed“, for the opposite direction
  • accessible
  • suitable for strollers, bicycles and wheelchairs
  • active infrared presence detector on both sides for additional safety

Optional features

  • universal fence connector strips
  • weather protection roof
  • control columns SP1, BS11
  • over climbing protection
  • LED downlight
  • twilight switch
  • red / yellow / green direction indicator


  • 24V DC motor with worm gear, self-locking, and slipping clutch
  • slipping clutch adjustable via v-belt tension
  • position indication via encoder
  • The motor torque electronically increases, if no movement is detected via the encoder up to a certain point. This ensures a nice and smooth operation, even during changing weather conditions such as: snow and ice, wind loads etc.
  • Time out after 10 seconds, motor switches off and trys to restart after 60 seconds. This will be tried automatically 3 times. Then drive is being switched off and the optional LED direction indicators remain flashing.

Technische Details

Corrosion protection 3Plus - All steel parts are shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, powder primed and then powder coated to the finished colour. This special finish ensures high resistance to damage caused by ultraviolet light, scratches, chemicals or oil. Hot dip galvanising is also available if
Colours as required, to a RAL standard colour chart
Clear entry height 2060 mm
Drive system /
control panel
24 V DC motor with worm gear and slip clutch; frequency converter for soft-start, soft-stop;
PLC control in the locking house
Safety equipment slip clutch, active infrared presence detector
Gate speed 4 - 5 sec.
Opening 90° inwards or 90° outwards
Emergency release in locking house, PZ-vorgerichtet

Application examples